A Sustainable Foot Forward : Introducing Eli and Amalia

As the world becomes more conscious about the impact of fast fashion on the environment, sustainable children’s clothing has emerged as a popular trend. By choosing sustainable children’s clothing brands, parents can make responsible choices for their children’s clothing while also supporting ethical and environmentally friendly practices!

Eli & Amalia has ethics and sustainability at its very core, underpinning everything from production to packaging. Using certified recycled fabrics and components and organic cotton; even down to the tiniest button, they are committed to producing high quality clothing for you and your little ones to love, with no negative impact to the Planet.

Founded by Husband and Wife duo Nadine and Fabio (Amalia’s son) they take inspiration from the sense of adventure and fun in their son Eli, to produce designs which are bright, vibrant and quirky to delight and inspire small imaginations.


Discover the Eli & Amalia Collection at Junior Bazaar.

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